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We need a car to bring us and our bicycles from San Francisco to Eureka

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We need a car to bring us and our bicycles from San Francisco to Eureka

Hello guys,
we are in San Francisco and want to cycle from Eureka to the Red Woods and North on PCB the Oregon Coast. We thought it would be easy to rent a one way car. But its not. Does anybody has an idea where we can rent a car on Thuersday or Wednesday? Thanks a lot. Cheers Stefanie with Familie

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Car Driveaway

Hi Stefanie
I did many years in the past a drivaway. Probably still exist. So did bring a Car from Dalas to New York.
Are there no buses?
Good luck and then happy pedaling

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I've done a quick search and

I've done a quick search and there's Hertz, Enterprise, and National who have branch offices in Eureka/Arcata. Enterprise is ridiculously expensive for the one way, National is expensive but they both show available vehicles. You may have to choose other branches within San Francisco since each will have and manage their own fleet. Hertz is sold out for your dates.

There's also the option (cheapest) of boxing up your bikes and taking the Greyhound bus (7 hours).

U-Haul also has one way trucks. They're not cheap, especially when you add the fuel consumption, but still cheaper than Enterprise Car Rentals.

Good luck

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Amtrak -- Coast Starlight Route

I see Amtrak will take you from San Fran to Eureka. I believe bikes need to be boxed on this route, but Amtrak provides large boxes at the (major) stations for a very small fee. The effort required for boxing in these is minimal, compared to boxing a bike in a bike box from a bike shop as you would need to do for either greyhound or for air travel. All you do is remove pedals and turn bars, then roll bike into box. Note: we've done this for a Via Rail (Canadian) trip out of Vancouver, using an Amtrak box. Very convenient. You ride to the station and allow 15 minutes extra. Carry all panniers into the carriage with you.


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