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from Eindhoven start 2May

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from Eindhoven start 2May

Hi everyone!
I'm planning to start from Eindhoven on 2 May and go back on 9-th of May. Perhaps someone wants to join me?
Or give me some advises about route?
My main point are Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
Where can I rent a bike for a week does anyone know?

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routes in Holland

Hello d'arka,
Welcome to Holland, I hope the weather will be the same in the first week of May as it is now (sunny, between 20-25 degrees, it's really good for the time of the year).
I don't know Eindhoven very well, so I don't know for a good place to rent a bicycle. You also could write on the forum of , it's the Dutch site for people who loves travelling by bike. Maybe someone of Eindhoven will read it a can give you some ideas.
About the nice routes, well in Holland there are some signed routes, called "LF-route" (long distance) and "knooppuntennetwerk". The most easy I think, is to try to sleep in Eindhoven to someone of warmshowers and ask him/her to explain that routes. You can plan a trip with the site Then choose for "recreatieve routes" (the green one). That's the planner that will plan about the to kinds of signed routes, that are about nice, quit ways through the nature.

The sites aren't in English, so that's maybe a little bit complicated. So that's the reason I hope you will met someone in Eindhoven, who can help you.

Have a good trip. I live in Soest (20 km from Utrecht), so if you will pass Utrecht, maybe we can meet.


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Thanks, Astrid! Many people

Thanks, Astrid!
Many people strongly recommend me to visit Utrecht!
If I would there I send you a message.
Have a nice day!

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