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water purifyer

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water purifyer

I´m looking into the posibilities there are to purify water (for a long-term, around the world trip) and get a bit lost. Steripen, filters, bottles with built-in filter, .... 

I would like the device to kill bacteria, virus and protozoa and get rid of heavy metals in the water. Moreover, lightness and packability are important too.

What are your experiences and advices?

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There is no water filter on

There is no water filter on the market that will remove heavy metals from water. (You have to distill water for that.) This is why all trekking filters come with a warning that you should not take water from mines’ tailing pools. Also an issue is pesticides and other agricultural chemicals, which filters are unable to treat effectively.

Think about whether you really need a filter. In most of the world, you will either be around civilization enough to ask a local person to fill your bottles with clean water, or you will be able to drink the water without filtering because you are at altitude and there is no human activity higher up. I do own an MSR Miniworks filter, but the only place I have ever actually used it is Africa. In Europe, North America, and South America it was just dead weight in my pannier.

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Sawyer should have the Most valuable

I have Just bought myself a Sawyer select 2 for my next big Journey through North and South America, there ist also the select 3 which I think should Filter heavy Metal as well, mine "only" Filters Bacteria, protozones, Viruses, Chemicals and any kind of taste, but I have to say its a very new type of filter and I dont know how reliable it really is

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