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Dynamo charging...

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Dynamo charging...

Hey everyone.

I know that this topic is not really related with the Warm Showers community but I am kind of desperate regarding this. So I will do a cycling trip with solo camping all the way and I am failing to find reliable sources about dynamo usb charging. I just want to charge my Galaxy s7 during the tour and I do not know what charger would do the job. If anyone here got some experience with this I would appreciate some advise. Is it works or not?



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we try

without succes ?? 

it seems  to be good on the paper but in the real life doesn't charge properly our cell phone 


so we buy big batteries

one batterie can charge 6/7  times our phones 

and we can to a campground at least once a week !! 


I have also solar pannel buy it works with sun : lot valley OK , germany norway NO 

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re: Dynamo charging...

you are not the first to have this question. 

I just googled "charging cell phone with bicycle".  this is one of the many responses: 


I glanced through this post -- the person uses an old electric motor as a dynamo(!)  I would suggest substituting either a dynamo hub or a dynamo that takes rotation off your wheel for that part.  

good luck, 


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I found this battery which is to be connected to your hub dynamo:

Would be good to know if anybody has positive experiences with this system.

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Thanks everyone. It seems the

Thanks everyone. It seems the charging will not be a problem :)

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Dynamo charging

Hi, I am using the SON 28 Hub dynamo withe the dynamo harverster (now appcon gt) since 3 years on my iphone and it works great.

Never needet aelectricity since. Also using it on daily commuting, so I always have chargin for free for my phone ;-)

I can highly recommend it.

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Dynamo charging

There are remarkable differences between the charging behaviour of smartphones - as well as intensity of use, riding speed, daily distance...

Samsung phones (and Iphones as well) are more picky about charger as others. With a Samsung or Apple device you more or less need a solution with some kind of buffer battery to allow for a constant charge rate. Most other devices will work well with a variating charge current.

So - I would recommend against an E-Werk or similar non-bufferd charger for a Samsung phone. If you ride mostly faster than 20 km/h and don't use your phone much besides navigating on the ride, a B&M USB-Werk (with a small built-in LiFePO buffer battery) will be the cheapest working solution. If you are riding slower for a significant portion of time and want to harvest everything possible on the few fast descents, something like the DynamoHarvesterPlus (now NC17 AppCon) or the Forumslader are much better - but also a lot more expensive.

In theory it might be cheaper to buy or built a non-buffered charger and add a powerbank between it and the phone - this often don't works well: Charging and discharging of usual commercial powerbanks has high losses. Also most powerbanks don't allow to be charged and to charge a phone in parallel. So a dedicated dynamo charger with built-in battery works much more efficient.

Andreas - in the moment on a slow bike tour through Bavaria with SONdelux and Forumslader charging a SONY phone to navigate with OSMAND

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Buy a SON hub, and a pass thru battery like Voltaic (US made)

SON is the top hub charger...  all the others are prone to moisture issues via temp changes (SON has addressed this).  To insure no problems with voltage / amp  variations, I use a Volatic pass-thru battery. I contacted Voltaic and thier batteries act as a pass thru charging system.  This means the battery is charged by the SON, and the phone/light, etc., is charged by the battery.  This system works great!   Solar (also by Voltaic) is a great choice too, but there are some limitations such as where and how to position the panel, cloudy days, etc.  The panel seems to be fast though, provided you can mount it properly in a good angle to the sun.  

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Dynamo charging


It's might be too late, but I was looking on the website and I saw your message. 

Small Taiwanese company make an amazing product, just have a look:

Works very well. We are using product from thme for the last 60'000 km.

Enjoy the road.



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Re the taiwanese dynamo...

$499 !! That’s more than the cost of my last 5 bycicles...

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this is a great topic!

this is a great topic!

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Sinewave Cycles Revolution

Hi Tamas, 

I bought a Sinewave Cycles Revolution from this webpage:

They make international shipments. It does seem to work great but in my case it only charges my smartphone when the screen is turned off. I think that the problem is my dynamo hub and not the USB charger. It's a very cheap dynamo hub Shimano Nexus DH-C3000-3N-NT. I'm thinking of buying a SON 28 and see if I solve this problem. I need this done so I can use Google Maps with the screen turned on, go everywhere and end the day with a 100% battery. 

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I use Schmidt SON-28 Dynamo

I use Schmidt SON-28 Dynamo paired with Tout-Terrain The Plug for my USB charging needs. (phone for bluetooth music, bluetooth speaker, camera, and backup 4 x aa rechargeable batteries)

during my tour I never need to charge my USB devices using household power, the Dynamo kept everything charged up. the only time I need to use household power (AC) is when I need to charge my laptop. 

The dynamo kicks in at 5-6km/hr, so even if you are on a gravel road doing 10km/hr, you are still charging your devices. Schmidt dynamo is really efficient and you wont notice the drag if you are using a Rohloff. 

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