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Walk-in tent for 2 or 3 or feedback on the 4 person

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Walk-in tent for 2 or 3 or feedback on the 4 person

Hey all, we are just planning a couple month tour and I have a bad back and it’s time I cash in my 3lb Copper Spur to save the pain. I am looking for a walk in tent and see there are several 4 person tents to choose from (Big Agnes Bunk House 4, MSR Habitude 4, North Face Wawona 4, MEC Cabin 2.0-4). Does anyone know of a walk-in that is for 2 or 3 people... small and tall? Maybe in Europe or Australia? I’d love feedback on the above tents and or more choices that might be smaller and lighter. We’ve got the room to carry the tent on our recumbent trikes. 

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Sorry about the health issues

Sorry about the health issues.  I don't really know of any 2-3 person tent based on "tall and small".  However, I wanted to point out that should there be one, I would be very concerned about the poles breaking in a high wind situation.  Or it the poles don't break the fabric may get ripped. I would think the poles breaking is much more likely.  Hope you find what you are looking for.  Tailwinds, John

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Thank you

Hi John, thanks for your thoughts and I do understand what you are saying but I think there is likely still a spot for this type of tent with blowup poles so the fear of breakage is less. There are lots of us cycle tourists that are just getting older but still ride with ailments. That being said where we are cycle touring is in Eastern Canada and not where we are not likely to be exposed to extreme winds. We also plan to Warmshowers and the tent will not be used every night. My health is great aside from a chronic back issue that I usually push through but I smile at the thought of not struggling out of a tent in the morning :-) So I may end up with the larger tent and just bite the weight and size for my comfort and thereby smile :-) Thanks again for taking the time to respond! Cheers, Kiersten 

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Hi, take a look to tipi style

Hi, take a look to tipi style tents. I have mine from . Those are exactly as you seek - small and tall. Those tents are extremely light weight and compact. I also have a titanium stove from SeekOutside. It is very nice extra for cold/wet weather. And I preparing food on top of this stove. They are pricy but in my experience comfort is very good in it. I have traveled with bike and this tent and found it more suitable for my needs than MSRs. 

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Walk-in tent for 2 or 3 or feedback on the 4 person

We also wanted a tent in which we were able to stand and walk in up right. 

We did find two tents. The Terra Nova Laser Space 2 - a tent produced in the UK, bot not for some time anymore, so perhaps you could find this somewhere secondhand.

A very good alternative is the Vaude Chapel L XT 3 persons. Not the most beautiful model, but very practical in use. Easy to build in a couple of minutes, enough space to sit in it with bad weather of perhaps to store your bikes. We use it with 2 persons. Vaude is a German company.

Good luck with finding a suitable one!

Kind regards,


Gouda, Netherlands