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Cycle Touring with a baby

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Cycle Touring with a baby

Hiya! I am new to the forum and would love to hear any tips and recommendations anyone has for cycle touring with a baby who will be 10-11 months old when we go

We're new to parenting, but not touring :-)

We're thinking 2 weeks in Denmark (haven't confirmed route yet)

Any thoughts on -

Distance per day / total time

What to bring (would you bring a seat and a trailer for example)

Camping (!!!!)


Any recommendations on types of routes etc.


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With Baby

I've run into a number of young families on the road.  Almost every one had dad's bike with an extra seat or two covered by a surrey top to block the sun and mom had a one wheel trailer for all the extras.  It seemed like an awful lot of work, but then again I'm getting older.

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We started our kids when they

We started our kids when they were a week old.  It was a challenge to find a solution that was both safe and legal at that age.  A trailer with a rear-facing automobile infant child seat worked.

We hosted the Pasche family during the first summer of covid-19 who had been on the road for a decade and birthed two girls while on the road, so it is definitely possible:

They can be found:

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There is no real reason not

There is no real reason not to travel with your kids - even if they are still a few months old. I love our trailers and our two kids love them too.

Denmark is a perfekt bike-travel country. But most other Central European countries are pretty good as well. Traveldistance … its more a question of travel times. Younger kids often sleep during ride. So it's the art of finding the right timeframes: Somehow like two hours before noon and two hours afternoon. So you can calc with 50-60km; However some days you can ride more. Sleeping in a tent is not a big issue - however: Don't expect to much sleep in the first night of your tour :P (everyone told me and I agree)

You can send me a pm for any special question ;)