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500-800 mile gravel tour in Utah - Suggestions?

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500-800 mile gravel tour in Utah - Suggestions?

Dates: late March into April

I'd love to hear route suggestions, or certain areas to hit. I'll be on a pinion mountain bike or gravel bike. Pavement and gravel are good. (Possibly rugged mountain biking, depending on if I switch forks.) Priority:  scenery & testing out my new bike! I also love to lock up my bike to hike or even backpack. I'll be doing photography along the way. 

I'd rather stay away from dangerous traffic. 

I used to ride all terrain on a rigid, but do to injuries (bc someone ran a light at 45mph), I need suspension now to mountain bike. So, I could do gravel terrain or swap forks and get on more rugged stuff.

Curious what anyone has to suggest!


Photography and Art inspired on tour:

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Oh the Places We Go

For more off the beaten path gravel/dirt type riding, I personally would try the Skyline Drive; Cathedral Rd. & Hankville Rd. northwest of Hankville, the Devil's Backbone loop west of Boulder and Escalante; or Burr Trail Road heading east from Boulder.  For paved, you can't beat Bryce and Zion.

Have a wonderful tour!

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Gravel routes

I’d check out these two sites for gravel routes.

Here’s a good article on route development:

Enjoy your adventure!