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Sofia- Istanbul-Georgia-Iran- stanlands

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Sofia- Istanbul-Georgia-Iran- stanlands

Hi all

I'm planning to travel onwards again from Sofia around the 25th August, probably touring into Northern Greece and through Turkey in September. I’ve felt a great warmth from hosts and would like to give companionship a try along the way:))


 I try and be daring, and more so curious in my travels. With a rough 110-130km average, but would also like to take more time some days wandering. I like to read, swim in cold rivers, cliffjump, rock climb, cook and eat. And meet people of course! To give an idea of me, I’m quite down-to-earth, reflective but also like spontaneity and beers and dancing. It’s fair to say I’m young for a cyclist, but don’t get too hung up on age. I sleep in my tent, and also like to Couchsurf (huh idk if this is a taboo here) and of course WS. 


Ping me a message if this sounds interesting and maybe we figure something out :))

Best regards


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Hello my friend, I am from

Hello my friend, I am from Iran, I would like to travel with you, please let me know