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Italie en hiver / Italy in winter

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Italie en hiver / Italy in winter

Bonjour à tous,
Nous aimerions voyager à vélo cet hiver en Italie en partant de Perpignan. Nous comptons emprunter l'EuroVélo 8 jusqu'à Menton puis souhaiterions traverser la frontière entre Menton et Vintimille. Ensuite, l'idée serait de rejoindre le sud de l'Italie, mais nous ne savons pas quel itinéraire emprunter. Auriez-vous des infos sur les différentes voies cyclables existantes (par exemple, où en est la cyclovia Vento ?) et les routes "safe" de l'Italie ?
Merci !
Lucie et Yanis

Hi there !
We would like to travel from Perpignan (south of France) to South of Italy.
Do you know any safe roads/routes in Italy ?
Cheers :)
Lucie & Yanis

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there are many nice routes in

there are many nice routes in Italy, most are certainly suitable for winter riding. You may be mostly alone on many paths except for near towns and cities.

a general cycle guide for italy:

cycling in the Veneto region:

also in Veneto is an excellent MTB path, the Ortogonale:

the Eurovelo route system:

cycling friendly accomodation:

there is a multi use pilgrimage trail from Riga, Latvia to Rome, Italy. Much of it in Italy is wide, separated from the roadway and in very good condition. The website is under revision:
You can also find Romea Strata information on the internet.

Another pilgrimage trail suitable for cycling is the Via Francigena.

lastly, the Italia national cycling association is a good resource:

buon giro!

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Hello Lucie & Yanis

Hello Lucie & Yanis
in October I was cycling from Switzerland to Sicily - along the Italian coast from La Spezia all the way to Trapani. My experiences were:
- there are not many bicycle paths
- if there are some paths they often make turns over hills and trough villages - give you a longer ride
- bicycle lanes along roads are very often scattered with brocken glas, bumps and holes
- a lot of the nice coast roads had very little traffic - were fun to ride
- often there were nice bike lanes along the "lungomare" - over a long distance
- a lot of the provincial roads had a wide, clean shoulder to ride on
- Italian drivers have good protection angels . . are used to pass slower traffic
SO: what means safe for you?
Over all - I would do it again! Specially the coastline! Always this clear water, endless beaches with nothing, fruits and good food in general. It was easy to find albergos or hotels - at a reasonable price. In winter it might be much more difficult.
To navigate I used the Outdoor Active APP - in combination with Bitmap - and my common sense. Bikemap has a poor offline function - if you don't pay. Also MAPS.ME was useful - you can download all maps in good quality for free and use offline.

If you have specific questions please ask - best using personal message or direct email to [email protected]

Have fun riding! Thomas