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Bangalore to Paris - Jan to Jul 2024

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Bangalore to Paris - Jan to Jul 2024

I am planning a 7-month tour from Bangalore, India to Paris, France from Jan to Jul 2024. This is a part of my longer term goal to cycle the world by traveling to the next 3 summer Olympics sites - Paris 2024, Los Angeles 2028, and Brisbane 2032. You can read more about my plans and previous trips here: and

Would love to have like-minded companions join me for the Paris tour for the whole or parts of the tour.

For the Paris tour, a key challenge I need to solve is deciding on a land route out of India - via Pakistan and Afghanistan (preferred) or via Nepal and China. Both routes appear problematic for getting visas as an Indian citizen. Seeking a Pakistani citizen who can give me an invitation letter for the transit/tourist visa through Pakistan. Any tips on this would be welcome.

Looking forward to planning and executing the plan with all your help. Thanks & Regards,

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Welcome !

Wish you thé best adventure on your way.
I would be very proud and happy to host and help you anyway you like when arriving in France ! Good ride till there !

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Many thanks, Franck. Will

Many thanks, Franck. Will keep it in mind.

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Good way. See here