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We hit 5000 members... And then dropped below!

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We hit 5000 members... And then dropped below!

You might have noticed that we went over 5000 members last month, a nice thing for all of us who use the list.

But you might also have noticed that the number of members is now only 4895 (today).

When we sent out the annual note to all those 5000 members, we got 130 bounces from addresses that were either invalid or wouldn't accept the email. So we have marked those bouncing members as "unreachable" and inactive, so that members won't be frustrated trying to email them. (Inactive members can fix their status just by updating their email address to one that works and letting Roger know.)

Very shortly we are also going to mark the 1000 or so members who have not logged in for more than a year as "stale", and then the total will go down again. (Stale members can fix their status just by logging in once.)

Eventually we'll delete unreachable and stale members. We really want people on the list who are current and reachable.

Thanks to all of you for your hospitality to touring cyclists!


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Last log-in

Hi Randy,

Would it be possible to see a 'last log-in' date in each of the profiles.It would help with finding which accounts are active and current.

Stephen Waters.

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Counter is on.

There are presently 5232 Active Members (3866 hosting right now) and counting.


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