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Map changes: Clustering

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Map changes: Clustering

We made a minor change to how the map works this week. Now, when you're zoomed out to the point that it would be impractical to show all the markers, the map shows *clusters* of hosts. If you click on a cluster, you automatically zoom to see all the hosts in the location of the cluster. In addition, when there are two or more hosts at the exact same location, a red marker with the number of hosts is shown, instead of the simple red marker.

There were a few other minor improvements - we hope you like them.

Here's a visual explanation:

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pretty cool!

What else to say, visually super clear, nice work!


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new map markings

Looks good and clean!
My only concern is I can't find the scale/distance markings.
It's not super-critical, but sometimes seeing scale (like 1 inch = 20 miles) helps in route planning.
Is there a way to see the scales that I am not aware of?

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That is really nice. Colored coded and numbered. Thanks.

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