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Climate Ride US Washington to Washington W to E , mid July to October

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Climate Ride US Washington to Washington W to E , mid July to October

Doctor and nurse riding across the US this summer/fall speaking along the way about the health effects of climate change. We could use some help. We're experienced tourers, will be off ACA routes a good part of the time and meeting lots of interesting people. Guaranteed adventure!

Join us for all or part of the trip and help with media, outreach, and logistics. Camping and home stays, low budget, good food (yeah OK it ALL tastes good when you're touring) See our website or email to

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Northern Tier Route

Hello, Wendy and / or Michael,

I highly recommend looking at the Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) Northern Tier route for ideas on your cross-country trip. That route may or may not meet all your needs but it can provide guidance as far as PA.

Once you are in PA you should be able to pick up the route that goes from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC., utilizing, in part, the C&O Canal route.

Best of luck on your trip!


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That Pittsburgh to DC route

This from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2013 February 12:

Completion of the last missing piece of a trail network connecting Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C., will be celebrated at a June 15 event in West Homestead and at the Point in Downtown Pittsburgh. . .

. . . The celebration also will feature a weeklong bike ride from Washington leading up to June 15, a 24-hour relay ride and unveiling of a "Forks of the Ohio" marker at what will be the western terminus of the Great Allegheny Passage.

The passage connects with the C&O Towpath at Cumberland, Md., forming a nearly continuous 330 miles of dedicated trail from Pittsburgh to the nation's capital.

Construction of the final segment will be completed in late May, Ms. Boxx said.

Read more:

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And the Website for the Great Allegeny Passage
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