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Touring the world by rickshaw

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Touring the world by rickshaw

Hi Everyone!

I'm not sure how strange this may sound to the casual cycle tourers, but I'm currently attempting to cycle around the world by bicycle rickshaw. It's overly ambitious, but like with anything it's something to try and in the end just want to meet people along the way and get a conversation started!

I am keeping a website ( with a regular blog, photos and route updates.

The route I am planning to follow is here - . I am not following it exactly, and some parts need changing already, but hopefully if you are near and fancy meeting, I'd appreciate the warm welcome!

Tomorrow (26.09.13) I will be heading to Hook of Holland and travelling through Germany towards Eastern Europe and down towards Turkey. This will be over the course of the next two months.

Hopefully if I cross people's paths on your journey or going by your home and happen to see this, then it would be a pleasure to meet up!

Even if you cannot meet me, hopefully travelling 30 miles per day on a rickshaw may be an interesting read!


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Will be watching you.Have a cool trip and stay safe.

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Hi Luke, I use to own and operate a rickshaw company and used German Velocab rickshaws. Which rickshaw are you using?

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Hi Luke, if Kassel is on your

Hi Luke, if Kassel is on your way, you're welcome at my place.
Enjoy your trip and take care, Susanne

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Hi Susanne, I might be coming

Hi Susanne,

I might be coming your way now - I have decided to skip Berlin and head straight East towards Leipzig but I am wondering how the cycle routes are there and how hilly it is around Kassel?

Currently I think I'm going to follow the Nation Route 9 which seems to follow the valley so doesn't have to many steep hills. This however is north of where you live.


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I'm using the older cycles

I'm using the older cycles maximus (around 5 years old second hand). This is not power assisted - all Muscle powered. The specs are here:

It's definitely not the most easiest machine to get up hills, bit with patience and alot of pedalling it gets to the top!