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Newly Formed: The Colorado Bicycle Touring Society!!!

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Newly Formed: The Colorado Bicycle Touring Society!!!

The Colorado Bicycle Touring Society (CBTS) is an association of self-supported and expedition bicycle tourers in Colorado. An association of tourers that wishes to further bicycle tourism and help others to begin down the same path that we all enjoy so much. Further, the CBTS website is maintained as a useful resource for all tourers riding in and through Colorado.

Each year the association hosts at least one CBTS Tour-in. A tour-in is an overnight bike camping social, reached by loaded touring bicycle from wherever members wish to ride from. A tent and backpacker stove event where participants bring and prepare their own food. These social gatherings are association favorites.

Colorado based tourers are given membership after filling out and returning the following.

*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Name as you would like it to appear online:
*A short description of your self-sufficient touring experience: (this won't appear online)
*Colorado town you reside in:
*The county you reside in:
*Do you have a spouse, partner or significant other that tours with you? If yes, include that person's information as well.
*Do you have any touring planned within Colorado for 2010 or early 2011? If yes, please describe.
*Any past club or group management/leading experience that you have:
*How you heard about the CBTS:

You can also attach for possible inclusion on the website, the following things.
Your touring related website.
One or two touring related photos.
Anything inspirational and related to touring that you'd like to say online.


Ron Wheeler
Eagle Valley - Colorado