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Very good experience with WSL in New Zealand. Very bad new from New Zealand.

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Very good experience with WSL in New Zealand. Very bad new from New Zealand.

We spent 3 months cycling in New Zeland with kids. 3 weeks ago we came back home. We think that New Zealand is not the best place to families bike tourist, but we were very lucky and all the trip was beautiful and the days with WSL members wonderful.
Here you can find a short video of the trip:
Thank you very much to all the kiwis that we meet in the way, but especially to the WSL member that hosted us. We are looking forward to see you soon in the Basque Country. We hope you are not damaged for the Earthquake. Christchurch maybe is the urban cyclism kiwi icon, some cyclist could be died and the cycle paths destroyed.

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Gorgeous Video !!!

Thank you for sharing Mikel and family.


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New Zealand video

That is AWESOME. WOW!!!

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wonderful video! Good public

wonderful video! Good public relations video! Makes me want to ride NZ soon!

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Great video!

Loved your video! Which part of NZ did you tough with kids, the wind, the hills, or the crazy drivers? :)
Love love love NZ.

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With kids... maybe better the South

Hi Tim & M Wimborne, our experience cycling with kids was better in the South island (less traffic). Here two more experiences: Senegal-Gambia: and Iceland: