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WS Member Warmshowers Administrator's picture Board Meeting Agenda and Reports, 2015-06-28

The Foundation will hold its next business meeting on June 28, 2015. Minutes and other results will be forthcoming within a couple of weeks after the meeting. This page includes the agenda, Fundraising Status Report, and Development Status.


  1. Treasurer’s Report and donation report (Randy and Drew will get this together)
  2. Better bookkeeping/accounting strategy and responsibilities. (Chris). The following our what we currently see as top priorities… let’s discuss
    • Get the bank account reconciled - deal with problems
    • Improve the chart of accounts
    • Move to a better accounting system
    • Think through financial responsibilities of individuals
  3. Introduce new treasurer candidate Len Bulmer
  4. Len leaves, discussion, possible nomination and vote on him as treasurer
  5. Drupal 7 Upgrade status report, Apps status report. (Randy report)
  6. Discuss board and officer terms in preparation for decision making later in the year. (This is a deferred item from the Annual Meeting in January. The board deferred it then for discussion later in the year. It is not imperative that we act on it, and there may be no champion of it at this point.) We’ll set a time limit during the meeting, as we don’t have to make final decisions, and this could be a long item.
    • What would we like for officer terms?
    • Board terms? - Term limit?
    • How and when do we recruit new board members?
  7. Discussion and vote on contract for Andrew Hughes-Onslow (Randy)
  8. Internship possibility, Elisheba Fay (Follow Up: Randy)
  9. Need for secretary volunteer. (Randy)
  10. Remind about the next meeting, July 26

WS Financial Report, 26 June 2015

Income statements for the month and the year are attached.

Our current bank balance is $60,679.64 and the current PayPal balance is $1,009.54

WS Fundraising Status Report, 26 June 2015

  • We have received3,406 donations this year for a total of $84,749.73.
  • Donations for June, 2015 (to June 26) have totaled 213 donations this month for a total of $4,266.61, so we're apparently on the way to another $5K+ month.

WS Development Status 26 June 2015

Android app release 1.5.0

A complete visual redesign of the Warmshowers Android app, version 1.5.0, was released. The 1.5.0 release of the android app anticipates API changes forced by the Drupal 7 upgrade, so hopefully members with 1.5.0 on their phones will not be disturbed by the Drupal 7 upgrade. Previous versions will be obsolete.

At times, as many as a quarter of our active users are not on the site, they are on the Android app.

Drupal 7 Upgrade Progress

  • The upgraded site now works in most basic ways, even including donation facilities.
  • 41 of the 57 issues have already been addressed, including some very large and scary ones.
  • A staging site for mobile apps to test against was deployed and is available for view. It's really starting to take form, thanks largely to Andrew's constant and successful work on the theme (which is also being prepared to be mobile-friendly "responsive")
  • The IOS app has the necessary API changes and will include them in the next release.
  • Randy will not be working on this project during July and August, but Andrew and Elisheba will be (pending board approval). Completion and deployment of the project should be possible in the Fall of 2015.