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The June Foundation Board Meeting was held Sunday, June 28, 2015.

Present were board members Chris Russo (president), Mark Martin, Lou Melini, Leanna Levine, Cyril Wendl, Alex Rosenblatt. In addition, Randy Fay (Executive Director), Drew Childers (immediate past Treasurer), and Len Bulmer (new Treasurer) were present.

Board member Ken Francis was absent.

Chris Russo called the meeting to order at 1:10pm US MT.

  1. Randy Fay presented the treasurer's report and donation situation. These reports are posted on Warmshowers.
  2. Better bookkeeping and accounting: Chris reported that the earlier reported discrepancy between two of our benchmarks had been tracked to our accounting system not importing PayPal recurring transactions correctly. Len Bulmer suggested that a standing committee be established to oversee financial matters. Len, Leanna, and Randy will meet for a first organizing meeting on July 2, 2015.
  3. Treasurer candidate Len Bulmer introduced himself. Len is a recently retired Canadian CPA, passionate about cycling and He rode his recumbent on a major tour last year and stayed with many valued hosts. After introducing himself, Len left the meeting.
  4. Mark Martin moved to nominate Len Bulmer as Treasurer. Cyril Wendl seconded the nomination. After conversation the motion passed unanimously. Len then rejoined the meeting.
  5. Randy Fay presented the development status report, saying that the redesigned Android app 1.5.0 was released and the Drupal 7 upgrade has passed all of the high risk issues and should be on target for an early October, 2015 deployment. (41 of the 57 issues have already been addressed,), Full details are in the report online.
  6. Agenda item 8 (Internship for Elisheba Fay) was then discussed. The original proposal, which involved funding for the internship via a grant (from Randy Fay), was rejected in conversation. Cyril Wendl moved to accept the internship contract but to reject the offered grant and fund the internship out of existing funds. Mark Martin seconded the motion. The vote was 4-2 in favor, with Leanna and Chris voting against. [Please note, however, that since the meeting the internship has been restructured as an unpaid internship with no financial involvement from, so this item is moot.]
  7. A development contract with Andrew Hughes-Onslow for the Drupal 7 project was discussed. This item is already in the 2015 budget. Randy explained the extensive value that Andrew is offering in the Drupal 7 upgrade and his hopes that Andrew can be convinced to play a long-term leadership role in Drupal development, sitebuilding, and site management. Cyril Wendl moved to approve the contract, Mark Martin seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.
  8. Agenda item #6 (Term limits discussion). Lou Melini expressed concern that any introduced term limits would be premature and could stunt the development of the board. Mark Martin explained how mature organizations often have a progression of leadership from Vice President to President to Past President, and may have board term limits. Discussion ensued. There was no intention to resolve any of these issues at this meeting, but there was a consensus that the board needs to do long-term thinking about its selection, representation, and hopes for the future of the board and the organization as a whole.
  9. Agenda item #9, recruiting a new secretary. Mark Martin agreed to take the minutes at the July meeting. Randy Fay agreed to send out another appeal for a new Secretary.
  10. The next meeting is Sunday, July 26.

Chris Russo adjourned the meeting at 2:40pm US MT.

Action Items:

  • Finance group (Leanna, Len, Randy) to meet on July 2.
  • Board vision: What do we want the board to be in 3 years? What about diversity? Regional representation? At-large members voted on by the community?
  • Volunteer vs Paid Contractors/Employees: The board needs to further discuss when payment is appropriate, or which tasks should be maintained explicitly as volunteer activities.
  • Call for Secretary: Randy will issue a new call for a Secretary.