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Before It's Gone Journey- Cycle touring adventure

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Before It's Gone Journey- Cycle touring adventure

The primary focus of our exploration is to serve in effecting positive change. We hope to contribute to larger movements that are addressing the effects of global issues, such as climate change and poverty, on threatened environments and people.

It seems like everyone has a bucket list these days. And for good reason, if the phenomenon motivates people to live life to its fullest. Our journey is also about making the most of each day, but we are conceptualizing it as a “reverse bucket list.” Rather than simply checking off famous sites to see before we die, our priority is to experience threatened aspects of the planet that could disappear within our lifetimes.

Perhaps you are thinking how this endeavor sounds a bit self-serving, and indeed it inevitably is. You may have concerns that by seeking out these places, cultures, and species, we’ll be further contributing to their demise. We certainly share those concerns.

However, it is our goal to travel with a hyper-awareness of our potential to harm, so that we may mitigate--or at least minimize--our negative impact. Ultimately, we hope to go a step further by actually contributing to the survival of these vulnerable elements of existence in a significant and measurable way. While we cherish the opportunity to see them before they are gone, our greater purpose is to help save them before it’s too late.

We are currently in Vietnam, We have cycled in China, Nepal, Laos, Thailand, and trekking in Nepal as well. We are just starting the 2nd year of our travel.

You can follow along at
@BIGcyclejourney on twitter
@beforeitsgonejourney on Instagram