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We are "Two in a Billion" and travel from Germany to Southeast Asia

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We are "Two in a Billion" and travel from Germany to Southeast Asia


we are Helmut and Sophia from Germany and want to travel to Southeast Asia bei bicycle. We are totally inexperienced in bicycle traveling - well, not anymore - cause we already rode almost 2000 km. Nevertheless, we are no sporty cyclist and not go over 100km a day. We prefer slow traveling, cause it's really hard for us to miss all the nice thinks we see or discover. Our plan was, to go to the south of Iran before winter is coming. Now (in Serbia) we realized, that we probably don't make it but yeah, we don't care and carry on enjoying the live as slowtravellers on bicycle. We will see how our plan will work out or not. But we have at least one year of traveling and we are looking forward to whatever we will experience.

If you like to follow us, have a look on:
We are writing in German, but we still have pictures, maps and videos, were we don't talk a lot.

If you still interested we post on Facebook as well (in english!):

All the best to you all and your journeys,
Helmut and Sophia

Btw. a lot of people ask, why "two in a billion" - well, we have sponsors, so we had to give us a name. We were thinking about something what describes us or something special about us, but we came to the solutions, that we are only two in a billion following a dream.

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Hello guys!
We are Leonie & Philipp, a german couple as well! We are in our way to New Zealand! We started already in March and now we are in the South of China! We really enjoy the way to travel by bike and get to know so many people, cultures, landscape! Just great!
So, if you have any questions where we might help you, don't hesitate to contact us! Or have a look on our blog: or in Facebook /weltradlenker!
Have a great trip, we hope not to cold now!
Enjoy it!
Leonie & Philipp

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