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UK to China for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

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UK to China for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity


I'm 'The Hopeful Vagabond', I run my own travel blog/site or what ever you like to call it... either way it's chilling out in the digital ether!

I'm taking on a mammoth task of cycling from the UK to China and living in and off the wild as much as possible. I'd like to note that the odds are against me as I have little experience in all these skills. I'm doing this not only to raise money for a great charity who have saved my life twice, but also as a social experiment for myself, to test my human potential, the potential to take on a task and deal with it and learn whilst going with it. The second part of the experiment is to save my idea of humanity falling away (unfortunately), I want to see how generous and friendly humans still are in the world. I'm scared, but excited!

I will be leaving the UK to cycle to China, going through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia (hopefully) and then China! If anyone could put me up for a night I would be so crazy happy and amazed, nothing greater than a generous act like that I think!

If you fancy sponsoring a great cause you also can via my 'Just Giving' page -