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Solo cycling Europe, frame broke

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Solo cycling Europe, frame broke

Hi guys, I'm on a tour trip around Europe and my cyclocross racing bike decided it was done with the weight and rough terrain. The frame broke in two. I am currently in Prague with a friend, but need to buy a new bike! My size is a 54/56. If anyone has an old touring bike that they want to get rid of, I can come take it off your hands! I was thinking I could just come to the bike, instead of paying for shipping, and then continue my tour from where I buy the bike. Okay cheers, Audrey

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Yeah, I don't think duct tape will fix THIS problem :). I'm afraid I don't have a bike for you, but you could check out the Dutch secondhand products website: Good luck!

Edit: in particular, this page, which shows results for used ladies touring bikes:

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You can try to fix it with

You can try to fix it with carbon fiber. Even if frame is made from aluminum. There is a bicycle producer in Prague - Festka. Maybe they can help:

Other way is to find some carbon fiber and epoxy (for example, in hobby RC shop) and fix it by following such guides.
But don't sand your frame. Just degrease and wrap.

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