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need a bike UK or spain or italy

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need a bike UK or spain or italy

hello everyone
Im ena yoon from south korea
Im travelling All of the world now since 65days ago
Not current country is iceland till 3of nov

Now i willing to travel with bike in uk italy and spain i hope
i wanna buy tour bike
My tall is 170cm
49~51 size would be good for me i think?
I dont have any stuff for bicycle right now and camping stuff either
Helmet light lack blablabla
I hope to find good one ane take it to all of the world!

Contact me and plz send me msg to good information
Or host msg would be great if u can

Warm showers

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Hi Ena: we (my girlfriend and me) congratulate you for your long travel and we hope that you can be here with us. We are inviting you to our home in Colombia.

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okay ill be there

Thx for ur invitation.
Ill be there! Promose

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Bike in UK

Hi Ena,

I hope it goes well with you. In the UK I can recommend Lobbs Cycles, talk to Steve Lobb and I'm sure he will help you with everything that you need. You can contact them on Facebook or web or phone. (details as below.

Good luck.


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