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Sell a Tandem Pino Allround 2O15 in Grece January/February 2016

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Sell a Tandem Pino Allround 2O15 in Grece January/February 2016

Hello adventurers!

We are a french couple of travelers, and counted to make a world tour in Tandem Pino Allround Red 2015 ... but we change program!
Currently in Greece, we would sell our tandem to come away with two bicycles travel to Asia.

We bike 5000 km without technical problems. It is equipped with trip (30kg luggage rack, Low rider, tire Schwalbe Marathon ...) and conventional equipment. Link will Hase:

We also sell a trailer Bob Yak, which integrates very well in tandem!

The tandem is available from January / February, Greece (Athens). If you are in Greece that suits us, or we can send it coli)

New we had the tandem equipped for 4300 euros (without bags), and Bob trailer at 300 euros.

To continue the trip and retool our future 2 bikes, we sell it for 3600 euros and 200 euros Bob.

For more info, photos, anecdotes, comments, do not hesitate to contact us !!

And if you plot our journey, we invite you on the blog:

Have a nice and funny day!!
Dylan and Auriane

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Hase Pino for sale

Hi tourers! Is your bike still for sale? And if so ... What is your best price?

Hope you are going well

Look forward to hearing from you

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Hey Fiona!!

Hey Fiona!!

Yes our pino it's always to sell.
We are now in Athens, we are you living/travelling?
For the bike, we can sell it for 3500 euros (we offered the shipping cost), and we've got also a trailer for a good price.
If you wanted more pictures, we can send you more!

Happy to read you again,

Have a nice day,

Dylan and Auriane

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