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Development Contract 2015-10-01

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Development Contract 2015-10-01

Kalpaitch, LTD Development Contract 2015-10-01

This contract is between the Foundation and Kalpaitch LTD (The Consultant). The consultant is Andrew Hughes-Onslow. Kalpaitch LTD and Andrew are located in the UK.

The Consultant will:

  • Contribute to Drupal development on the Warmshowers.orgwebsite as needed.

  • Support helpdesk and server management activities as needed

  • Submit invoices including detailed timesheets to the Foundation based on hours worked at $60/hour. Each month’s invoice will be capped at $2000.

The Foundation will:

  • Pay invoices submitted monthly on a net-15 basis.

  • Direct and support the Consultant's work, attempting to be responsive to his requests.

  • No employment benefits will be provided - this is a contract relationship and not an employment relationship. Andrew is responsible for his own healthcare, retirement, disability insurance, etc.

This is an at-will contract. The Foundation or Kalpaitch LTD may cease this relationship with notice of one calendar month.

Chris Russo, Foundation Board Chaiman

Andrew Hughes-Onslow, for Kalpaitch LTD