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Nowadays people have accustomed to a life in which they can’t do what they really love. I know many people that have spent their life studying careers that they don´t even practice. Probably you, even me are victims of the system that the governments of sub developed countries have created, a system in which the professionals don´t have the chance to get the job of their dreams, or at least a job in which they can feel happy and comfortable; it seems that the offer isn’t big enough. So, it is pretty normal to see engineers, lawyers, physicians, etc., spending their “professional life” as a teacher, accountants, taxi drivers, or even selling products of network marketing. What a sad it’s that!

In my personal opinion, I consider that there are two break points:
1st You are in the wrong way since you decided to get a bachelor degree that doesn’t fit you.
2nd You followed your parents’ advices, so you are not doing what you really like.

Let´s talk about this two both.

1st You are in the wrong way since you decided to get a determinate bachelor degree that doesn’t fit your capacities and skills, probably it fits your money ambitions, don´t you think?
When you were studying at the school you possible thought, “I am going to study this career because I could get a good salary, worthy benefits”. What a bad decision dude, that´s very wrong. In the last decades it’s very common to hear: “Money cannot buy happiness”, and that´s not far away of the reality, we both know that we need money to satisfy our daily needs, but for what price? Are you conscious that you would have to work more than 40 hours per week? Outstanding that if you are planning to have a family, how many hours will you have to dedicate to raise your children? Or how many hours will you have to practice a sport, a sport that makes you feel happy?

2nd You followed your parents’ advices, so you are not doing what you really like.
I guess most of you love cycling, and I suppose that when you were a child you loved to spend all the day on your bike while messing around with your friends on the countryside surrounded by beautiful landscapes; I am assuming that you were very good doing it on your bike, so why didn’t you choice to be a professional cyclist? The answer is: “because my parents decided [for me] that I would have to study a professional career”. Who said that a cyclist profession doesn’t exist? Have you hear about Alberto Contador, Chris Froome, Nairo Quintana, Rigo Uran? They are part of the most recognized cyclist in the world, and they decided for themselves, they decided to do what they really love, or maybe their parents made a big bet for them, this way avoiding the protocols that a professional diploma demands.

Note: The previous example applies not only for cycling, but to other sports, artistic professions, volunteer, and gastronomic activities.

But what is the essence of this article, blog or call it what you like! Cycling the hardest sport in the whole world, or maybe of the Milky Way too, just kidding!

Have you ridden a bike?
Have you sweet blood? Have you felt pain in your legs after have pedaled more than 5 or 6 hours? Have you heard your heart beating while climbing a 30% average grade mountain? Have you woken up at 5 am on Sundays? Have you injured your body after a big crash going downhill? Have you broken a bone of your body? Have you marked your body with scars? Have you seen the world from top of a beautiful mountain? If so, you are a cyclist, congrats, you are great and I love you.

I am just a man doing what I like (I mean I can ride my bike, and I feel free), I guess, and I would prefer my mom don’t read this, she would kill me!

In matter, yesterday I came back to my hometown; this is a small and beautiful town located on the western slope of the central mountain range in Colombian Andes, why I came back to the town? Because the this weekend the MTB team will celebrate a Mountain Bike Cup, and I want to race, so yesterday I went to recognize the track, a very difficult course.

Course description: Length 3 km approx. Very steep climbs. Narrow corners. No place to take a breath. Brutal drops. Risky downhills. Cruel track, but the most exciting course I have ever ridden. I could call it “the hell of the north”.

When I was riding on the track I could feel many sensations, years doesn’t past alone, and I felt I had lost the body power through the years I left to ride my bike competitively. I like so much to watch MTB races, I like listening to the interviews from de best of the world in mountain biking as Nino Shurter, Julien Absalon; to watch their physical trainings, and how they live, how they prepare a MTB season; that’s funny, because when I am riding my bike I try to imitate their ways of riding, but it´s not the same obviously, they are the best in the world, and they train every day to reach the top and get the rainbow jersey; it’s in this point when I think of the athletes that race marathon, triathlon, and very demanding sports, demanding physically and mentally. For instance I think of Javier Gomez Noya, a Spanish who is world champion in Triathlons, or Gwen Jorgensen, a woman Triathlon champion too. I follow them on social networks and I can see every day how difficult it´s for them to work on the long distance trainings on bike, running, and swimming.

Just think in this another one, have you hear about the touring cyclist? These kind of crazy people have decided to reduce their life to a 4 panniers/backpacks and ride a bike through the world, what? Yes, they feel free and happy doing it. I have met some of them, I have hosted cycle tourists in my home, and I have learned too much living with them. They ride almost 60-80 km per day, with 40-50 kilos of packing. They ride under the sun, under the rain; they fight with strong streaming of winds. They are sort of like super heroes. Possibly they took a decision, to get out the comfort zone without mattering what that implies on their life, for this reason I think that it´s harder to ride a bike than follow your parents advices.
So, now what do you think? It’s harder to live this life or ride a bike? I think the first one depend on people who surrounded you, the second one depends purely of you, maybe it´s difficult to take this kind of decisions but at the end… What else is there?


Mauro L.

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Thanks a million, Mauro! it's really impressive and I LOVE YOU TOO :)

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