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(inviting to our cafe in tehran/iran (doctor coffe cafe

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(inviting to our cafe in tehran/iran (doctor coffe cafe

hi all of friends
we r a cycle tourist couple that live in tehran.
we have a cafe (doctor coffee) in the center of tehran that most of bike rider and mountain and rock climber gather in our cafe.
all of u warm showers friends can come to our cafe when u r in tehran. we can share our experiences. give u some informations. and help u in

everythings that we can...

this is our whats app and telegram number : +989354195380
hamidreza and elaheh

this is our cafe instagram: cafe.drcoffee

this is cafe adress and link:
cafe doctor coffee, leon complex, next to bistoon st, north of fatemi sq,tehran, iran

we r open every days 10am till 10pm
except of holidays

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amazing place for cyclists!

Thanks Hamidreza for sharing this information!

I had a wonderful experience in Hamidreza's cafe meeting other cycle tourists in Tehran. Hamidreza and Elaheh are an amazing couple helping out touring cyclists!

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Sounds good!

Sounds good and I'm looking forward to it but I'm still in Tabriz, hoping to bike to Tehran after going through the area north of here, Sarab, Ardabil, and the Caspian coast down to Chalus.

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