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I'm a brand new as a host to Warm Showers and am wondering, as I read the forum about hosts who have cyclists who don't show up and don't receive an email -- is it inappropriate to exchange phone numbers once contact and arrangement has been made?

If a cyclist is unable to email, why can't the host just call them when the cyclist hasn't arrived as planned? Or is there a rule on warmshowers that you can't exchange phone numbers?

Thanks, and I look forward to being part of this community.

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Hello, Gaia,

My phone number is on my profile page. I usually get a call or a text as well as an email. Once they send me their phone number I send a text to say hello and prompt them to respond.

I've never had a no-show this way. I have had messages telling me of a change in plans, which is just fine with me. I'd rather know someone isn't coming than just wait for no reason.

Mark E. Martin

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Thanks, Mark!

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You're welcome!

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What about the person never

What about the person never arriving? i stepped two hours out of my way and it was confirmed they(the cyclists) would txt when they arrived in the city. And a No-Show occurred. i'm assuming everything went well, but it makes me not want to offer any more. i am active in Couchsurfing and BeWelcome and am familiar with these happenings, but there no recourse on this site for it.
Thanks for any help.

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