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Pilgrimage Cycle

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Pilgrimage Cycle

I am a female cyclist from South Africa. I have cycled a lot of France and a bit of Italy last year. I am dying to go back and travel, but I have no idea WHERE?! Japan? Vietnam and Korea? Lithuania where my ancestors are from and into Russia. Beautiful Norway, Sweden, maybe back to Poland, Germany and France?

There are so many stunning cities but I have certain requirements. Firstly, I can only go in February for around one month - which speaks much of the weather... Second, I will mostly likely be on my own so I need somewhere reasonably safe. Three, I will need options along the routes for camping. Fourth, I want a relatively challenging route, about 100km per day.

Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!

I have been to many countries, so it makes it difficult because I am partly discouraged going to places I have been to before when there are so many other countries and cities yet to discover. Then again, in each country, I have barely seem a fraction of it, barely anything...