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Inspiration for short cycle trips

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Inspiration for short cycle trips

Hi fellow cyclists!

Last year I took my bicycle for some short cycle rides through countries like India, Nepal, SA and Namibia. I had zero experience with tourbiking but i like adventure, so I had a fabulous time!

This website is to provide some practical information on these short rides. Because when I was planning them, I found some blogs but not many of them offered specific information like a roadbook, routes, food, places to stay,...

I hope this website might be usefull to someone, maybe you'll get inspired, maybe you'll find some information you were looking for, even if it just reaches and helps out 1 person, it's enough for me :)
And I'm hoping to add many more rides soon!

PS still working bit on it and only in desktop version so far
Oh and i'm not english native, please don't start counting spelling errors :)