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From Cologne to Malaga

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From Cologne to Malaga

Hello all! :)
We are a young couple (Susi, 27) and me (Marlon, 34) touring with our bikes from Cologne to Malaga.
I have a recumbent bike and my girlfriend has a racing bike.
At the moment we are at Almeria and are always looking for some nice Warm Shower people, we could meet!
It seems that we will continue our journey to Gibraltar, but we are not in a hurry.
If you live at the southern coast of Spain and are interesting to meet us, feel free to write us. :)
We are doing an online documentation on youtube.
This is our latest part on the youtube channel Raw Future:
Best regards,
Marlon and Susi

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Good luck on your trip.

Good luck on your trip.
You should put a photo on your profile.
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