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Host stories. Family Lund from Denmark commune. Zeland

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Host stories. Family Lund from Denmark commune. Zeland

Hello comrades! We all traveling by bicycle and wish to tell about own experiences here. However, I suggest for you now look at the (video) which tell not about my journey,
The first video I will start a series “Host stories” – movie sketches from the bike tour on Western Europe about my heroes - the hospitable people.

Story about Family Lund from Denmark commune.

Visiting family Lund from the Danish commune or why people like to bike?
The next morning (I stayed here for a couple of nights) dawned sunny and creative awl pulled on sightseeing tours and the subsequent discourse to go pro-communist life of the device.

In the noon we are went with Gertrude to the kindergarten to pick up younger and zatarilis snacks in the eco-shop with free fruit-nyashki for all who are up to 1.20 m.

In the evening, the conversation was about travel and life style of the Danes.
Johannes said that he retired and moved here 5 years ago, because there is good for children. Gertrude - violinist and now works in Odense orchestra. This troupe is touring infrequently. But Gertrude've been on tour in St. Petersburg with another orchestra 10 years ago.//

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