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Beercycle Touring

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Beercycle Touring

Howdy cyclist friends,

Michael and I have been working on a new cycle touring site called Beercycle Touring. We came to the conclusion that we visit a lot of breweries and drink a lot of beer on our cycle trips, so decided to create a website dedicated to it.

We hope to eventually turn the site into a platform/community where all cyclists can share their best/ worst brewery/ beer experiences while on tour. In the meantime we are also creating a facebook group (I think this should be a little easier to manage until we get the site up and running a little better)

Facebook Group:

Website: (not much on there at the moment, but we are working on it).

Our cycle blog/ website:

If you want to share any of your own stories then drop us a line :) We'll review each story for the site before publishing. If you've already published a story on your own website then you can post it in the facebook group.

We are currently on a world cycle trip and just finished cycling across Canada last year. In April we'll be heading across the USA. So we have a few weeks to work on the website before we start cycling again. This also means most of the breweries we will be including (for the time being) are USA/ Canadian - if anyone has any other other country beer stories to add, then awesome. We'll happily include those.


Kelly & Michael

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What kind/location are you

What kind/location are you looking for?

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