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Andhra Pradesh farms and folk music exploration - India

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Andhra Pradesh farms and folk music exploration - India

I cycled up the Tamil Nadu coast last year and now I'm getting ready to start my ride up Andhra Pradesh next week.

Anybody interested can write to me. my plan is to visit sustainable projects and volunteer work with a few as I travel.

I explore folk music also as I carry a musical instrument.

I am continuing this journey statewise in India into the north eastern parts first. Follow here :

For now the journey is solo.

Anybody at an open mindset is welcome. I try to camp and find free accommodation as much as possible to reduce costs. I am not into hotels and other established places to stay at all as the budget is quite low.

I am 27 , male and comfortable with only tamil and english. My hindi is ok to get me around. So there is a challenge for language but I dont think it should be much of a barrier.