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Getting our bikes from amsterdam to berlin

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Getting our bikes from amsterdam to berlin


We need to get our bikes and us! from Amsterdam to Berlin without boxing them up - any suggestions?
As we'll then be cycling to copenhagen and flying from there back to england.



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You are in luck

There's a direct IC train from Amsterdam to Berlin. It takes about 6.30h and accepts bicycles. Just roll on and you are good to go, no need to box or demount anything (except your pannier bags once you are on the train). It's crucial though that you make a reservation for your bicycle(s), which is mandatory on an IC train.

To make the booking, go to One the main page, enter Amsterdam and Berlin as well as your date of travel, then click the grey 'Weitere Optionen' button. Then click the box next to the bicycle pictogram that says 'Fahrradmitnahme' and it will only show you trains that accept full bicycles. From there on it should be straightforward.

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(I should add that in general all German trains accept fully assembled bicycles except for those called ICE. IC and EC trains require previous reservations, while you can just hop onto an RE or RB train with your bike)

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