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Tandem Cyclists Blog

Hello, cyclist fellows!
We are a couple of tandem cyclists, who share tips and itineraries for short and long trips by tandem or bikes (and not only). We would be very happy if you checked our blog out :)
Currently cycling in England.

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Cool blog, congratulations!

I checked out your blog / webpage, it's awesome!
I especially like the articles on the different countries.
I laughed a lot about your experiences in Iceland... probably we won't go there bike touring! :-)

Reading your articles, I would be also interested to read about interesting people, whoever you get to know on your trips. What they do, how they live, how they see life, and so on...

Also, how about an article on how it is different to ride together on a tandem, vs on two separate bicycles?
I would be a lot interested!

Some years ago, I followed "Alleykat", an Australian couple on a tandem, touring for two years. You might be interested to read their stories. Now, their blog turned more into a cycling touring page, but you can still find the original articles:

And it's great that you also write in French, my wife speaks more French then English, and finally she can read some adventures, too!
Have a good ride!

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