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Cycling into Camino de Veganism No Borders

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Cycling into Camino de Veganism No Borders

Touring Cyclist, Vegan and Naturist, I am Costa with my bicycle Ro, in my 5th long distance tour titled "Cycling into Camino de Veganism No Borders" planing to cover more than 5000km cycling exploration of nature, places and people. From Thessaloniki Greece to Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco.

Couch: Starting Camino del Norte fron Irun at 17 Aug. Please ask for arrival dates in your area if you are able to host me!

Due to cycling, exact arrival time is difficult to calculate, but usually is after sunset. I am very flexible and independent if you are busy, and i can wait or join you if you have something to do.

During the trip i want to meet and exchange views with people and collectives, on how to make our world peaceful and sustainable. Any information for a couch, places of interest, natural wonders, and alternative entertainment is important to me!

hasta la proxima :-)

* No mobile phone! I have only a slow tablet on WiFi (if i find available).

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~5.000km Thessaloniki - Ancona - San Marino - Bologna - Genoa - Corsica - Marseille - Toulouse - San Sebastian - Bilbao - Camino de Santiago del Norte - Compostela - Finisterre - Porto - Lisbon - Seville - Cadiz - Gibraltar - Tangier