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Un cicloviaje por el Alentejo y el Algarve

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Un cicloviaje por el Alentejo y el Algarve

Hi cicloviajer@s! I'm pleased to share my recent, although short, touring cliclying tail around Portugal. It has been only 15 days (holiday days), but full of experiences and, what is more important, I think that it contains useful information for people who travel in the future to the Alentejo and to the Algarve in Portugal.

The post is in spanish, but if someone need it, I can translate it to english.

Here you can read my post, I hope it is useful, and enjoyable!

Best Regards!

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Alentejo y Algarve

Hola Arián,

Thank you for sharing your story. No need to translate in English - reading Spanish goes very well for me.
It's not the first time I hear/read about Portuguese car and truck drivers without respect for cyclists. And yes, your ''es decir, lo del 1,5m, es, sencilamente, una utopía' 'is so true. I experience it every day, being a resident cyclist of Bordeira, Costa Vicentina, SW Portugal. Worth visiting another time, the gorgeous wild west of Algarve. Glad to know you went to Odeceixe and its super beach, favourites of me.

Also a gem is Cacela Velha, overlooking Ria Formosa, 10 km east of Tavira. Well, you cannot see everything in 14 days. Take a look on Youtube at Ria Formosa 2014 Improved Editing 50 fps (2015): 14 min and 38 seconds WOW!

If only the roads here had 'arcenes'... And not so many buracos (potholes),,, The Tourism Board of Algarve wants more touring cyclists yearround, and will promote it as a mayor cycling holiday destination in Europe!! Lot of work to be done, vamos a ver!

Sunny regards,

Michiel van Dam

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