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Ride Exploding in Media...

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Ride Exploding in Media...

This is probably not everyone's dream of how a ride comes together....

We've hosted on WS a few times, but had never actually ridden. Our last guest really spent time with our kids (one of whom is Autistic) and inspired him that he should do a cycle tour. In kidlike fashion, James came to me with the idea that we should do a ride from our home near Toronto to a playground in Ottawa. So we're going to do it.

I was talking with friends about teh logistics of a ride like this with my kid, and one suggested that we should at least try to get some interest by setting up a GoFundMe for an organization that is meaningful to us. The novelty of our son riding the distance might make good press and be helpful to an organization... so we did.

Unfortunately, none of the WS hosts we've reached out to will work for us, but supporters on the GoFundMe have... and so has the media and police, and a pile of other folks across the province. We have nearly doubled our fundraising goal, have massive firehose of tweets in support, been on national and local TV and newspapers, and...

Most important though is that a pile of kids will benefit from this ride. Its really quite amazing to watch explode.

You can follow the frenzy on twitter at #RideJamesRide - or not. Just thought I'd share with the community and let you know we'll be sure to say if we cross paths on the trails.