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Group messages for hosts in the same area

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Group messages for hosts in the same area

Hi all. I'd like to float the idea of a facility to do one message to all hosts in a particular area, rather than having to contact each separately. This would save touring cyclists time in trying to find a host, particularly at shorter notice. Each host could then respond individually to the request.

This would obviously be most useful in areas where there are a few hosts; larger towns and cities in particular.

Do others think this would be useful, and is it possible technically?


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This has been suggested

This has been suggested before, and is not a bad idea. My only real objections are

1. It could make it easier for somebody to send a lot of unwanted messages.
2. It sounds like a very major feature, there aren't any people to work on major features. (There are just a couple volunteers doing this in their spare time. We did way more than we should this year, and it's not clear when we'll be up to doing a big project like that again.)

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Bulk request message facility ..

I think that's a great idea. it used to be a feature of the "old" format, at least when using the CSV. I believe it was removed b/c of some issue of S@ammers getting hold of the list.

Apart from convenience for intending Guests, a "bulk" facility would be useful for Hosts to communicate with each other , in a particular region to better co-ordinate assisting Guests etc.

( I will be posting elsewhere about a facility to arrange local "meet ups" for hosts..we have two things in common, after all : bicycles AND Travel....)

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If the requirement is to send

If the requirement is to send message asking for last minute roof, a wai could be for each area have a "virtual" host, shown first in the list, that in case you send it a request, will be forwarded to each one in the area.
Of course the lst is an opt-in, that is each one would register to receive such messages. could be a profile option.

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Bulk request

Although it worked OK on the old listserve, things like this are not scalable and can be abused. It really only takes one or two to add grief to many :)
If we decided to go this direction I'd suggest we CAP the number of requests or something that would ensure good behaviour.

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I would very much like to see

I would very much like to see this feature. To be able to select a region or check boxes next to names of hosts in a region and then send them all a message would be great. Especially if the message was a reply-all type of thing so when one host says they can host then all the others know they don't need to reply.

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I would also like to vote for this. It would be great to be able to contact all hosts in certain region by one message instead of writing tens of messages.