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WS Meet-up in Calgary, AB, Canada

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WS Meet-up in Calgary, AB, Canada

Hello fellow Calgarian WS friends!

My husband, Houston, and I recently moved back to Calgary (our hometown) after 9 years away. We love Warmshowers-have been both hosts and guests-and love the type of community it inspires.

We are wondering if there are some Calgary Warmshowers folks who would like to meet up (? bike ride to a pub/coffee shop...or even our house) for a casual coffee/drink and/or potluck-yes we do embrace the winter biking! Would be great to share stories of bike tours, warmshowers experiences and some good local knowledge on great bike trips in and around Calgary.

We are thinking sometime in the New Year....after the bustle of the holidays...

Please let us know if your interested and we'll make some plans!

Happy cycling!


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Sounds interesting.  I am

Sounds interesting.  I am  new to Warmshowers and have not hosted yet. Would also love to hear from some people their experiences.  




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Hi Constant

Hi Constant

Thanks for getting in touch! Whereabouts in Calgary are you located? Perhaps we can try to meet up in the New Year.

chat soon!

jenn & houston

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I'm in the South.  Hope to

I'm in the South.  Hope to connect in the new year. 

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My  husband and I are in the process of quitting our jobs, and liquidating everything to begin a life of travel. Our first trip: biking the underground railroad from Mobile Alabama to Owen Sound, ontario. Here's the catch - we haven't bike toured before. Lots of backpacking, extended canoe tripping, and just general road biking, but we haven't really put the two together. So now that we are in the nitty gritty of our planning we have some interesting questions like: what do we wear on the bike? Do I need to clip in? What will I want in camp? How do I keep the weight down? What in God's name should we pack for a tool kit? How often should we lube our chains/clean our bikes? etc, etc, etc... 

I could go on, but would love to pick the brains of some seasoned bike tourerrers. We live in Tuscany and are around until Jan 20 when we head to Argentina for a short break. Back after Feb 5. Would love to buy you a beer or a coffee to pick your brains... 



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Re: Yes Please!

Hey Heather!

First off-congrats on quitting the jobs and heading out for a life of travel-so exciting! We are counting down to that in approximately 6 years :) 

We'd love to meet up with you to chat bike travel (it's our favourite topic!) and hear more about your first destination-the Underground Railroad-definitely one we would like to do soon too! I can't promise we'll have all the answers to your questions but we can definitely tell you about our experiences and what has worked best for us (note-we travel pretty heavy!! ultralight bikepackers would be shaking their heads!). But we love it and could offer some advice we've learned over the years.

If you have time to meet before your trip to Argentina we are available the afternoon of Jan.14. If not, we can certainly meet up when you return. When are you planning to leave for your bike trip?

Thanks for getting in touch and hope to meet you soon


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