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Different availability status

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Different availability status

Hi there,
I think it would be great to be able to know if people are or not available for hosting others. Especially as, first, many people are generally registering as they are planning a trip and want to find some contacts. It would be great to know if there are on the road or not. On another hand, a simple reminder could be send to members every 3 months to update their profile with their actual status.

Example of status:

Willing to host at the moment
Travelling at the moment
Can't host at the moment
Cant' host, just for a coffee



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Thanks for the ideas. I'm

Thanks for the ideas. I'm reluctant to make the availability status more complex, as people already don't maintain it adequately. And of course, we hope that everybody will put more detail in their "about me" profile. You can put *anything* in there.

As far as a regular reminder, that's a good idea and has an issue at however, I think it requires some code, and so will need to end up with somebody taking it on.


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I would appreciate a BIG

I would appreciate a BIG availability button on the home page when logged in to WS. This way I don't have to navigate to my profile to adjust my availability. I think if it was big, noticeable, and easy as one click then people would manage their availability better.

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Great idea

That's a great idea. I added it as an issue at