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Warmshowers at TV News in Brazil!

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Warmshowers at TV News in Brazil!

We are traveling with our tandem bicycle in Brazil, from Iguazu to Rio de Janeiro
(in fact, in a longer tour, 2 years and 31,000 kms crossing the 3 Americas, from Canada to Uhsuaïa and more ..).
Surprisingly, Brazil is great for cycling, for a lot of good reasons, including lot of nice AND avalaible hosts.
In Santos, we were interviewed with Valdir, our local WSL host,  by the Sao Paulo Tribuno TV.
To be listen here ... in portugese!…/casal-do-canada-que-esta-per…/6794610/

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This happens once and a while

Great to see what happened to you! Some years ago we cycled in Costa Rica, visited a local church where we ran into a regional TV-station making their program. All of a sudden we were drawn in their work.  Next morning during coffee time it was broadcasted.

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