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Santa Cruz, Bolivia - Used bikes?

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Santa Cruz, Bolivia - Used bikes?

Hey Folks,

wondering if anyone out there has experience purchasing a used bike in Santa Cruz, Bolivia? I actually live in San Jose de Chiquitos, and will bike home from Santa Cruz if things work out. Hoping to partake in some touring and off road adventures, and would also enjoy recommendations on the kind of bike I need to get myself.

If you can offer advice, on biking elsewhere in Bolivia or from here into Brazil/Paraguay. Or have spent some time biking to and from San Jose, please do tell me about it.


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Used Specialized mountain bike for sale

Hi Julie, I have no experience of buying used in Santa Cruz but I do have a Specialized Pitch Sport for sale in La Paz if that's any use.

It's white, size large and at 5'8" / 1.72m fits me just fine.

Let me know if you're interested.

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I would be interested, but

I would be interested, but can't say when I will be in La Paz.  I'm a little bit shorter than you, hmmmm.