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4SALE Kona sutra 2019 Paris London Marrakesh

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4SALE Kona sutra 2019 Paris London Marrakesh

New model with extras (see below).
1000 euros. .. Still available now at Marrakech... 
Awesome go anywhere adventure bike... 54cm (medium). Only three months old and in excellent condition.

Brooks saddle, trp spyre discs, 2" tyre clearances, quality steel frame.... Read about this bike here :

As suggested by the review: >Mountain triple rings 44 32 22, fitted (as well as the original triple included in sale). This is an excellent upgrade to the gearing ratios, to take advantage of this bikes off road and hill touring goodness. Included free of charge.
> extra stem (10mm longer) included free of charge.

*Extras as pictured are available and highly recommended to you:
>Tubus Tara front rack 50€
>Shimano spd touring pedals 50€
>Ortlieb frame bag 50€
>abus bordo folding lock, see mounted bottom of frame 50€

>Rear panniers price negotiable or included if you want the whole package above. Also some other small items I can throw in giving you pretty much 100% ready to go exploring setup.

Will remove the travel stickers before sale. Contact me for more details or any questions!

I am an experienced bike tourer and this set-up is ready to roll your next trip Europe or Africa! Excellent frame geometry makes this your perfect do everything bike.

model with extras (see below).

Only three months old, 1000 euros, will be in Marrakesh shortly and after that I can easily take to London or Paris. 

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