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WTS Two 29er MTBs with Panniers in Ushuaia

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WTS Two 29er MTBs with Panniers in Ushuaia

Bicycles with Panniers For Sale


Two (2) 2017 Trek Cali SL 29er MTBs for sale.  We bought these bikes new in Santiago in October and are riding them to Ushuaia.  By the time we reach Ushuaia, they will have been ridden approximately 4300 km.


$400 USD each or $700 USD for both


Tentatively, available February 19th in Ushuaia.  (We may arrive a few days earlier or later depending on numerous factors.)

Contact Info:

Size: Medium


Non-stock Components:

Panniers and Bags:


Note: Due to the location of the lugs on the bikes’ frames, a non-disc, non-29er rack is used.  Additionally, we repaired and reinforced some welds on the racks early in our trip. They survived the worst the Carretera Austral had to offer without incident, and we consider them road worthy.

Spare Parts:

  • 1 spare tube

  • 1 spare tire

  • 1 spare derailleur hanger

  • 1 spare pannier clip

  • Multiple spare 190 mm spokes for front wheel

  • Multiple spare 185 mm spokes for rear wheel

  • Multiple spare chain links

  • Miscellaneous assortment of spare screws


  • 18 function bike tool

  • Topeak Race Pocket tire pump

  • Tire levers

  • Shock pump

  • Adjustable wrench

  • Chain whip

  • Lockring remover

  • Wire cutters

  • Needle nose pliers

  • Multipurpose chain cleaning tool


  • Patch kits

  • Partial bottle of Muc-Off dry lube

  • Partial bottle of Muc-Off wet lube

  • Partial can of generic degreaser

  • Front Fork Bottle Cages attached with electrical tape

  • DIY front and rear fenders

  • Miscellaneous zip ties

  • 1 roll electrical tape

  • ~3m thin metal wire

  • 1 old tire tube (does not hold air)

  • 8 (4 pairs) Doite 20mm x 90cm compression straps

  • Bungee chords

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