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Six continents by bicycle since 2015 to present

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Six continents by bicycle since 2015 to present

Hi, I’m Dan.

I set off to cycle the length of six continents in January 2015. Since then I have crossed 33 countries on four continents (Europe, Asia, Australia, North America), around 53,000km. Next up: South America and Africa. Before my trip I was a climate and energy researcher. As I travel, I am interested to meet individuals and communities who are living 'the good life', in harmony with each other and the environment. 

I am developing my skills as a writer and photographer as I go, and started video blogging (vlogging) recently. I also give talks to schools and other youth groups about what I've seen out in the world, to inspire and reassure that the vast majority of people in the world want the same things.

Travel stories and blog/essays on my website:

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Thank you so much for sharing

Thank you so much for sharing you story.


There are some of us a little bit coward to go out to cycle the world, this push us a up :D

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Hi Ariadna, thanks for the

Hi Ariadna, thanks for the comment. Sharing is caring, right?! I am glad if my story can give other people confidence to make their own adventures. I think it's not cowardly to feel a bit scared at first, it's natural given all the negative stories in the mainstream news media. But you can 'feel the fear and do it anyway' - you won't regret it! All the best, Dan

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Awesome Cycle - good on you!

Hi Dan, I really enjoyed looking at your website and reading about your journey and reasons for travelling. We are just planning a big ride and are trying to balance up the fly/no fly/ options. We want to cycle NZ and make our way back without flying whenever possible... How was it cycling thru the 'Stans' ? We were considering returning that way after NZ/Vietnam/Japan...

I love your website name - Self Propelling Particle  - it says it all really! If you find yourself in Devon, UK come and visit  - I'd love to hear more about your adventures....! good luck and bon camino, jo

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Hi Jo, thanks for the comment

Hi Jo, thanks for the comment and kind message! To answer your question about the Stans - that part of Asia was a highlight of my whole world tour so far. The scenery is stunning and the people very friendly. On the downside, food hygiene is dodgy throughout Central Asia, I suffered a fair bit with GI infections during that part of my trip. Take care to purify water, and pack some antibiotics as insurance. Consider also the Karakorum Highway - I would've gone that way if I'd been able to obtain a Pakistan visa. Best wishes from Mexico!

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