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Lüleburgaz Municipality Stars Cycling Academy

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Lüleburgaz Municipality Stars Cycling Academy

As a cycling academy of the Municipality of Lüleburgaz, our guests participating in the international tour have the opportunity to feel the comfort of home.  Accommodation is free and there is no day limit.  Our academy has a renovation workshop, kitchen, bathroom, toilet.  Our academy opened in 2017 is the only example in our country.  As a municipality, our goal is to promote the use of bicycles in our region and it is possible to use free bike training and bicycles in our academy.  There's a 640-meter bike trail. Repair work at the maintenance workshop at the Academy is free of charge.  Our rooms have air conditioning, cooling and heating system.  The city center is 200 meters away. academy facility responsible furkan bey will meet with you and will welcome you in the best way.Accommodation at the Academy is completely free.

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marcybi trip

A big hug for all you !!

marcello from Italy

search in Dailymotion and in Vimeo - marcybi, there're the movie my bike trip 2018

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