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EPIC south to central+ Asia tour

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EPIC south to central+ Asia tour

Planning to begin winter2020 or spring2021. between 3,6or12 months.

Starting point Hanoi , vietnam, thru laos, burma (myanmar), india,

possibly bhutan, sikkim, nepal, crossing to pakistan, hoping for some afghanistan, but might need to detour around it, finally thru to tajikistan and kyrgyzstan. (more if time allows).

trying to avoid china and thailand as much as possible as i lived in and saw most of those two countries already. 

expect monsoon rains, himalaya cold, land mines, border skirmishes, big hungry animals, disease carrying mosquitos, and tons of amazing foods n sights.

i am a retired triathlete/24hr mtb racer, but i dont mind touring fast or slow.

im bringing a tent, 2 sleeping bags, ice spikes, bear resistant canister, and everything to be a self supported bikepacker.

i dont mine riding with any gender/age/orientation/nationality/religion, etc.

but be warned: i do eat everything, i am chinese after all.

my bike is all packed and ready to go

trip is still in the planning stages, so any help with routes, border crossing advice, etc would be appreciated. thanks in advance



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