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Returning to Ireland in the summer of 2021 to enjoy some of the best cycle touring in Europe along the western coastlines, outlying islands and Northern Ireland.  Looking to share the adventure with one other sociable, M/F cyclist over 40.  If you've never been there before or reside in western Montana, even better.

Fly to Shannon from Boston. Three to four weeks.  B&Bs, 40-60 miles a day.  Light, daily rainfall, cool temps. Little sun.  Prehistoric settlements, lots of stone walls, blue and red painted sheep, conviviality, Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking) regions.  A ride on the "Happy Hooker", plus a ferry trip to Skellig Michael or Inishturk (Clare) Island as well.

An extensive network of peaceful, winding, narrow backroads, rolling hills, stunning mountain passes, beautiful greenery, lovely towns and villages, the world's friendliest people and finger-tapping trad music in the pubs at night make Ireland ideal for bike touring.

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Hey David:  Thanks for the great photos.  European riding is tempting.

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Downright addictive I'd say, Jack!

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good choice

Cycled around ireland last year. Just for you to know : some guidebooks say that you have best weather for cycling Ireland in April, early May.

We did it and had 2 days of rain during six weeks of cycling.

you can check our instagram for photo's (lindadevisch) and videos (dirkdemarelle)

good luck

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Ireland - Good Choice Indeed

Dirk and Linda,

The Irish climate and I are close friends.  I've toured by bike all over the island nine times now. Yes, it's that grand.

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Hello, I m Robert  I live

Hello, I m Robert  I live south of Paris

I have planned a bike tour of Ireland closest to the coast from June 26 to August 6, 2020. I am leaving Rosslare via the Wild Atlantic Way and will return to Rosslare on auguste 6.